Aamir Khan

According to statistics of the box office success of films is set to. it is believed that in the box office films made 100 million, the film was a success at the box office, but Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan right phande. AMIR said that box office just confuse people. box office figures, the success of any film can be selected.

Aamir Khan's recent hits three edit, all the 350 million gajni and Fna, over 150 million and 100 million rupees traded. it figures pointing to a successful movie. but even Amir has asked people to clear the stars watching movies. AMIR said that box office figures may not be correct according to the entire team when Aamir film. sit together Review your work to see the film and there is the first sign of success. AMIR said, I ever decide your success with box-office figures. but the response to his work on the movie reviews are not necessary. films have traded it in sturdy box office movies the viewers as much as I like.